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About The Artist

Poonam Soni is a jewelry artist - a visionary who has created path breaking Collections since 1989.

The core of her designs is defined by vibrancy, colours and moods. Not restricting herself to norms and generally used material, she experimented with multi materials of semi precious stones, shells, leathers, fabric and art canvases in fine jewelry. She designed Collections from inspirational architecture, environment and history and got labelled as Designer to the Collector.

She is a natural, visual designer who has single handedly designed a 100 different pieces in jewelry for a single trousseau.

Poonam Soni herself is a vibrant and articulate personality who loves aesthetic and an artistic environment which is visible

in her fusion style of dressing and her chic, opulent stores.

She launched her brand in 1989 by the reigning actor and friend Juhi Chawla post which she never looked back. Starting from home she later embarked on a global journey to become India's most feliciated designer. She was sought after by Marc Jamet of the LVMH group, Eco art, Prince Albert charity and Michael Kors discovered her in Vogue. The Spanish government gave patronage to her collection "Gaudi Revived".

The list is endless and Poonam Soni today is the most sought after brand by the Collector of Jewels.

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